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Track13_SB-Lay Down Sally.mp3 0.703.05.02 19:19:290:01:01 96S44
Lay Down Sally.mp3
Lay_down__Sally.mp3 0.802.07.05 13:42:350:00:53128S44
Lil_Stubby--Lay_Down_Sally.mp3 4.402.11.10 21:06:39Li'l Stubby & The DisappointmentLay Down Sally2002Recorded November 8 2002Live at The Blue Goose, St Clair0:09:11 64S44
Sally.mp3 3.703.02.22 01:15:38Geraghty And YoungerLay Down Sally
Lay_Down_Sally.mp3 2.902.03.06 18:03:090:03:30112S44
Lay_Down_Sally.mp3 3.603.01.17 21:57:13FriendsLay Down Sally2000Schnell0:03:46
Strange Brew-lay Down Sally.mp3 5.701.01.04 19:09:03Strange BrewLay Down Sally0Live0:04:49160S44
Lay_down_sally.mp3 0.501.11.07 22:47:20UnknownTrack 37Unknown0:00:35128S44
Lay Down Sally.mp3 2.802.03.18 15:08:280:02:24160S44
Eric Clapton - Lay Down Sally - Eri 3.403.03.29 19:03:22Eric Clapton & BB KingLay Down Sally0Billboard Top Hits - 1978Pretty fast0:03:33128S44
DSS_2002-07-27_04Lay_Down_Sally.mp3 5.702.11.20 17:03:06Deep Space SixLay Down Sally2002Jupiter HollowTrack 5
Lay Down Sally.mp3 12:43:22Stardust LiveLay Down Sally2002Short Tracks0:01:02128S44
Lay Down Sally.mp3 3.703.12.02 17:37:330:03:52128S44
Eric Clapton - Lay Down Sally.mp3 23:17:35Eric ClaptonLay Down Sally1982Time Pieces: Best Of Eric Clap
Lay Down Sally.mp3 0.702.05.03 20:54:430:00:48128S44
Crossbone - Lay Down Sally.mp3 0.704.03.15 22:18:49CrossboneLay Down SallyDemo Cuts0:00:48
Lay_down_sally.mp3 0.703.09.16 13:11:44ImportiertLay_down
Lay Down Sally.mp3 3.503.05.23 08:58:520:03:43128S44
Cliffhanger-lay_down_sally.mp3 0.503.06.19 18:01:33Cliffhanger-lay_down_sally0:01:04 64S22
Lay_down_sally.mp3 0.503.11.29 05:32:55UnknownTrack 37Unknown0:00:35128S44
D_4463.mp3 0.602.04.11 06:48:57HitBit DEMO Playback4463 - Lay Down Sally20027068(c) HitBit Software0:00:30160S44
Lay Down Sally.mp3 3.302.11.26 14:32:160:03:28128S44

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